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The following list of Indiana bands, orchestras and solo musicians is provided to assist you in finding a quality musical group for your event.

Click on the Band Leaders Name to learn more about their musical services.

Leader Group Name Musical Styles
Thomas Akins Carmel Brass Classical, Specialty/Ethnic
Donna Lively Clark Lockerbie String Quartet/Trio/Duo Classical, Variety, Specialty/Ethnic
Roy Geesa Cool City Band Jazz/Swing/Big Band, Variety
Dan Golando Keynote Brass Classical, Variety
Dan Golando Trumpet Soloist Classical, Variety
Monika Herzig Monika Herzig Acoustic Project: Jazz Painist Jazz, Rock, Variety
Carl Hines Carl Hines Band Jazz/Swing/Big Band, Variety
Sharron Howard Mariah Wind Quintet Classical, Variety
Corinne Imboden d'Indy String Quartet Classical, Variety
Greg Imboden Indy Express Band Rock, Variety
Glen Johnson Hot Horns

Classical, Jazz, Rock, Swing, Big Band

Mike Lucas The Mike Lucas Band Jazz/Swing/Big Band, Dixieland/Ragtime
Margot Marlatt Classical Music Agency Classical, Variety
Sylvia Maiuri Piano Soloist/Duo/Trio Classical, Variety
Craig Parmerlee Trombone Soloist Variety
Jill Pitz Harp Soloist/Duo/Trio Classical, Variety
Deborah Rodin Serafini String Quartet/Soloist Classical, Variety
Jared Rodin Music Contractor ------------
Larry Sauer Encore Entertainment Variety
Steve Stemnock Stevie & the Dynamos Rock, Variety

Please click this link to view or download our complete list of Musical Groups and Soloists


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